3d Model rendered
3d model of a spare part

Cannot get that thing? Make it!
Unavailable spare part? Get it custom-made!
Broken home decoration? Replace it yourself!
Your very own jewellery? Create it!
A product idea? Prototype it!

Credit Card Holder

Don’t know how? 
No design skills? ManuThings designs for you!
No CAD/CAM know-how? ManuThings does that for you!
No material experience? ManuThings provides it!
No ideas? ManuThings inspires you!

3d-printed brass door knobs
Brass Door Handles

Q: What is manuthings?
manuthings is a platform in beta offering a marketplace for the individual creation of parts, construction, design and customized manufacturing. Whenever you are searching for something and cannot find it – there may be somebody to help you by either knowing where to get it from or by offering his craft to manufacture it for you. manuthings connects searchers with helpers.

3d printed nickel soap dish
Ornamental Soap Bed

Q: How can I use manuthings?To find things or to offer help: If you cannot get something, not even online, there might be someone who knows where to get it or how to create it. manuthings connects the two of you. So either you are the one submitting a briefing because you want something, or you are the one reading briefings, because you want to earn money by finding or creating them.

3d printed monopoly caterpillar
Monopoly Caterpillar

Q: What could that thing be?
That broken knob to your heating bodies. That soapdish that fits exactly into the holder in your bathroom. That missed souvenir. That custom made bicyle accessory. Individual jewelry. Things offered in one country, but not shipped to yours. etc. etc. etc.

3d printed egg separator
Egg Separator

Q: What are the prices?
The price of a design, construction, etc. will be negotiated through the platform. If someone finds an article for you he will offer it for a manufacturing price. manuthings asks for a commission and shipment fees will occur.

bicycle rear rack made from nylon plastic joints and wooden beams
Easy-attach Rear Rack for Bicycles made from nylon plastic joints and wooden beams

Q: How is payment and delivery done?
The publisher of a briefing is free to order from a list of offers. He pays by paypal and the seller gets a notification to ship the item or to start creation. As soon as the publisher of the briefing confirms receipt of the item we transfer the money into the sellers paypal account.

3d printed nut driver handle
Nut driver handle by wkarraker Published on September 12, 2014 www.thingiverse.com/thing:461492