Your smartphone, your headset, your earphones, your Pi, your tablet, they all long for a little individual upgrade. Do not content with the standard any longer, just make your own gadget!

3d printed ear-holder for Airpods
Airpod Ear-Holder
Prevents Airpods from falling out while doing exercise or jogging.
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3d printed card holder with clamp

Card Holder
Nylon hard&flexible plastic
fits 6-9 standard size credit cards and business cards
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rear rack for bicycles
Prototype of an easy-to-attach rear rack for bicycles

Prototyping has become a lot easier in the last few years. Nevertheless, it’s not everybody’s thing to acquire CAD skills, 3d know-how and to find the right prototype factory.

MANUTHINGS provides you experts for that. All you have to do is to give them a detailed briefing on what exactly you have in mind as an object. You can have a discussion with prototypers of many sorts, like designers, construction experts, engineers, you name it. You do not even have to sort out, what kind of expert you need – we will find out for you.

All you have to do is to describe your idea in a briefing and hit the submit button.

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