Cube Cubes

3d printed interlinked cubes

How many little cubes form this bigger one?
82, 45, 32 or 27?

You can see 27, but in the middle are another 5.
4 of them as the next level holding the 27 together and one in the middle, holding the 4 together. That makes 32 the right answer.

I saw this in a FabLab as a demo what is possible in 3d-printing, because you can hang things together and produce them that way. So I wanted to try myself. It took me some work to create the cubes and hang them together in 3d software without touching any of the beams and risk a clogged up result.

The rest was refreshingly easy. The STL came out flawless and I really liked the manufactured result. It can be used as a work of art or jewellery.

If you want me to make you one, go to “Art” and drop me a line.

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