Soap Dish

3d printed nickel soap dish

You know the problem with soap dishes: most of them hold the water and soon the soap swims in water and is dissolved.

I wanted to keep my oval soap dish but insert a little bed that keeps the soap dry. Due to the design of the dish, I wanted the bed to appear classic. So I downloaded an ornament pattern and resized it to the size of the ground where the soap is placed.

In 3d software, I solidified the ornament pattern, exported an STL, identified a few spots that were to fragile, corrected them and uploaded the new STL to a 3d service. Of all the materials offered (e.g. plastic, steel, bronze, gold, ceramic) I opted for nickel, because it is very similar to the aluminum of the soap dish.

Do you like the result in the picture? Want one? Find it in “Accessories“.

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